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Charlotte County Board Of County Commissioners
Agenda Item Summary

Item Number: F - 1.

a) Approve Amendment #5 to Contract #12-050 Stump Pass Ten-Year Management Plan with Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. of Naples, FL for a change in tasks only; and
b) Authorize the Chairman to sign associated amendment.
ConsentBudget Action
No action needed.

Financial Impact Summary Statement

 Funding is supplied from the Stump Pass Beach Renourrishment MSBU/TU

Detailed Analysis Attached
- False

Budget Officer-
6BACKGROUND ( Why is this Action Necessary, and What Action will be accomplished )

This is for professional engineering services for a ten-year beach and inlet management plan to include, but not be limited to, an alternative analysis, design, permitting, construction support, and monitoring, originally approved by the Board on September 11, 2012. 

This Amendment is for Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. (Engineer) to provide extended environmental monitoring required in accordance with the Permits for shorebirds and seagrasses.  The re-scoping of the Project eliminated the need for offshore borrow areas.  The cost of the offshore borrow areas will be transferred to the cost of the environmental monitoring required, resulting in a zero dollar Amendment.  A breakdown of the tasks and cost is attached, along with a complete description of the Scope.

Amendment #1 - Additional review and assessment required to obtain funding for the damage to Stump Pass due to Tropical Storm Debby in the amount of $98,928.

Amendment #2 was for the 2014 annual monitoring in the amount of $139,851.

Amendment #3 was for the 2015 annual monitoring in the amount of $298,133.

Amendment #4 was for the Contractor to provide assistance in the administration of the construction of the Erosion Control Project from award of bid through final acceptance of the Project by the County and permit agencies in the amount of $658,337.

Original Contract $1,242,882,  Previous Amendments $1,195,249, Revised Contract Amount $2,438,131.




File NameDescriptionUpload DateType
12-050_Stump_Pass.pdfContract 12-0502/23/2015Backup Material
12-050_Amend_1.pdfAmendment #12/23/2015Backup Material
12-050_Amend_2.pdfAmendment #22/23/2015Backup Material
12-050_Amend_3.pdfAmendement #35/17/2016Backup Material
12-050_Amend_4.pdfAmendment #43/29/2017Backup Material
12-050_Amend_5_attach.pdfAmendment #5 scope3/29/2017Backup Material
Amendment_No._5_to_2012000050.pdfAmendment #54/5/2017Agreement