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Charlotte County Board Of County Commissioners
Agenda Item Summary

Item Number: F - 20.


a) Approve the attached Scope and Fees for Request for Proposal #16-471, Public Facilities Strategic Master Space Plan, with Sweet Sparkman Architects of Sarasota, Florida, for a not-to-exceed amount of $293,844; and

b) Authorize the Chairman to sign the contract.

ConsentBudget Action
No action needed. Budgeted in CIP project, "Master Space Plan", as approved in the FY17 budget process. Funding comes from Capital Projects, ad valorem.

Financial Impact Summary Statement

Funding comes from Capital Projects, ad valorem.

Detailed Analysis Attached
- False

Budget Officer-
6BACKGROUND ( Why is this Action Necessary, and What Action will be accomplished )

This Request for Proposals is to obtain professional architectural programming and master space planning services for the purpose of developing a comprehensive Public Facilities Strategic Master Space Plan for the County.


The general objectives of this study will be to undertake an in-depth analysis to understand the County's spatial inventory and how it is currently being used, and to proactively forecast, plan, and make recommendations for future spatial needs for the provision of public services over the next 20 years.


This plan is an essential tool in advancing long range outcomes of the Board's Infrastructure focus area.  It builds upon the "Comprehensive
Spatial and Functional Inventory" and "Facilities Condition Assessment."  The Facilities Strategic Master Space Plan will provide a sound basis for establishing and prioritizing the County's 20-year facilities capital needs assessment.


On February 14, 2017, the Board approved the start of negotiations with the top ranked firm, Sweet Sparkman Architects, and asked that the scope and fees negotiated be brought back before the board for approval.


The proposed negotiated agreement includes the following basic tasks conducted over a period of 388 calendar:

  • Project Start-up
  • Profile Existing Departments
  • Develop Uniform Space Standards
  • Forecast Future Personnel
  • Project Future Space Needs
  • Program Recommendations
  • Future Space Needs Alternatives
  • Master Plan and Implementation Strategy

In light of concerns with the cost of facilities master space planning Facilities staff, Purchasing and the consultants took a deeper analysis into the proposed scope of work. Several tasks that confirmed, but did not directly produce original work, such as review meetings, summaries of conclusions from previous tasks and non-critical charts and graphs were eliminated. Labor hours were also reduced in certain tasks, particularly for assessment of the long term (20-year) rather than short-term outlook. This effort, while not seriously compromising the final outcome, achieved a fee reduction of over 15%.


File NameDescriptionUpload DateType
06_19_17_Char_Co_MP_Final.pdfscope and fees7/5/2017Backup Material
c191601_Master_Space_Plan.pdfMaster Space Plan Adopted CIP7/5/2017Backup Material
Contract_16-471_Facilities_Master_Space_Plan.pdfContract8/28/2017Backup Material
Space_Master_Plan_Benchmarking_Summary.pdfBenchmarking summary8/28/2017Backup Material
Collier_County_Space_Plan_-_Final_Report_Part_I.pdfCollier County Space Plan Final Report Part I9/5/2017Backup Material
Collier_County_Space_Plan_Part_II.pdfCollier County Space Plan Final Report Part II9/5/2017Backup Material
Collier_County_Space_Plan_-_Appendix_to_Final_Report_Part_A.pdfCollier County Appendix to Final Report Part I9/5/2017Backup Material
Collier_County_Space_Plan_-_Appendix_to_Final_Report_Part_B.pdfCollier County Appendix to Final Report Part II9/5/2017Backup Material
Hernando_Space_Utilization___Courthouse_Needs_Assessment_-_Interim_Report_reduced.pdfHernando County Space Utilization & Courthouse Needs Assessment9/5/2017Backup Material
Monroe_County_Facilties_Master_Space_Plan_reduced.pdfMonroe County Facilities Master Space Plan9/5/2017Backup Material
Pasco_Co_master_facilities_plan_Part_I.pdfPasco Master Facilities Space Plan Part I9/5/2017Backup Material
Pasco_Co_master_facilities_plan_Part_II.pdfPasco Master Facilities Space Plan Part II9/5/2017Backup Material
Pasco_Co_master_facilities_plan_Part_III.pdfPasco Master Facilities Space Plan Part III9/5/2017Cover Memo
Pasco_Co_master_facilities_plan_Part_IV.pdfPasco Master Facilities Space Plan Part IV9/5/2017Backup Material
Pasco_Co_master_facilities_plan_Part_V.pdfPasco Master Facilities Space Plan Part V9/5/2017Backup Material
Pasco_Co_master_facilities_plan_Part_VI.pdfPasco Master Facilities Space Plan Part VI9/5/2017Backup Material
Sarasota_Master_Plan_Feb_2002_Part_I.pdfSarasota Master Plan Part I9/5/2017Backup Material
Sarasota_Master_Plan_Feb_2002_Part_II.pdfSarasota Master Plan Part II9/5/2017Backup Material
Sarasota_Master_Plan_Feb_2002_Part_III.pdfSarasota Master Plan Part III9/5/2017Backup Material
Sarasota_Master_Plan_Feb_2002_Part_IV.pdfSarasota Master Plan Part IV9/5/2017Backup Material
Seminole_County_Facility_Space_Needs_Update.pdfSeminole County Facility Space Needs9/5/2017Backup Material