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Charlotte County Board Of County Commissioners
Agenda Item Summary

Item Number: C - 6.

Commission Office10/10/2017

The following list of Advisory Board members terms expire on October 31, 2017 and have requested re-appointment. Approve the re-appointments to the following Advisory Boards:

  • Burnt Store Village Street & Drainage: David Servis
  • Deep Creek Non-Urban Street & Drainage: Ronald Woods
  • Don Pedro & Knight Island Street & Drainage: Dean Beckstead
  • Edgewater North Waterway: Keith Waltz, Jr.
  • Grove City Street & Drainage: Audrey Shinske
  • Northwest Port Charlotte Street & Drainage: Nancy Marroquin
  • Pirate Harbor Street & Drainage: George Taylor
  • Rotonda Sands North Street & Drainage: Richard Grunt
  • South Gulf Cove Beautification: Sandra Slater
  • South Gulf Cove Street & Drainage: John Paine
  • South Gulf Cove Waterway: Joe Huerta

These appointments will be effective immediately and will expire on October 31, 2020.

ConsentBudget Action
No action needed.

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6BACKGROUND ( Why is this Action Necessary, and What Action will be accomplished )
These Advisory Board members have requested re-appointment. These positions have been advertised and there are no other applicants.
File NameDescriptionUpload DateType
Servis-David-BurntStoreVillage-09.06.2017.pdfDavid Servis Application and Resume - Burnt Store Village9/20/2017Backup Material
Woods__Ronald_E._Advisory_Committee_Application.pdfRonald Woods Application and Resume - Deep Creek Non Urban9/20/2017Backup Material
Beckstead__Dean_Advisory_Board_application_1.26.16.pdfDean Beckstead Application and Resume - Don Pedro Knight Island9/20/2017Backup Material
Waltz-Keith-EdgewaterNorthWW-08.26.2017.pdfKeith Waltz Jr Application and Resume - Edgewater North Waterway9/20/2017Backup Material
Shinske_Application_for_Re-Appointment.pdfAudrey Shinske Application and Resume - Grove City 9/20/2017Backup Material
Marroquin__Nancy_Application_07.28.2016.pdfNancy Marroquin Application and Resume - Northwest Port Charlotte Street & Drainage9/20/2017Backup Material
Taylor-George-Pirate-Harbor-SD-Application.pdfGeorge Taylor Application and Resume - Pirate Harbor Street & Drainage9/20/2017Backup Material
Grunt__Richard_07.19.2017.pdfRichard Grunt Application and Resume - Rotonda Sands North9/20/2017Backup Material
Sandy_Slater_-_Application_and_Resume_-_SGC_Beautification.pdfSandra Slater Application and Resume - South Gulf Cove Beautification9/22/2017Backup Material
Paine__John_E._re-appoint_app_07.27.2017.pdfJohn Paine Application and Resume - South Gulf Cove Street & Drainage9/20/2017Backup Material
Huerta__Joe_SGC_WW_appointment_packet_5.12.15.pdfJoe Huerta Application and Resume - South Gulf Cove Waterway9/20/2017Backup Material